Hey folks!

Welcome to the Pitch Perfect Audio Blog.

Do you love music?  My name is Matthew Rotunda and my passion is music.  Through my company, Pitch Perfect Audio, I represent a range of terrific home audio music systems.

My showroom is located in San Francisco, California, and I have a focused selection of audio systems on display that are designed in the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.  These unique products are designed with a singular purpose – for you to emotionally connect with the music that inspires you.

Pitch Perfect Audio opened it’s doors for business in January 2006.  It has been a wonderful experience meeting the hundreds of music enthusiasts from the local East Bay area, not to mentioned from across the USA and around the globe.

Now, more than ever, we represent a range of cost effective solutions for you.  Please contact Pitch Perfect Audio, if you would like me to demonstrate the music of your life, like you never heard it before.

So, follow along with me, on this Blog, for the latest info from Pitch Perfect Audio – new audio products, events, discussions on audio gear, photos, music, life, the arts, and generally anything and everything along these lines.

The general aesthetic of the Blog will morph over time as I become further tuned into working with WordPress.  This Blog will tie into my Email Newsletter, Website and Twitter Updates, as well.

Thanks for joining me,


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