Customer Music System – Alan T. – San Francisco, CA

The first audio system installation that kicked off Pitch Perfect Audio, from late 2005. High atop a hill in Pacific Heights hides this system in a cozy room.  Shindo Petrvs Preamplifier, Shindo 301 Turntable System, Shindo WE300B Ltd. Amplifiers, Shindo Petite Latour Field Coil Loudspeakers, Reimyo CD Player, LignoLab Pneumatic Suspension Equipment Support, Auditorium 23 Hommage Step Up Transformer, Auditorium 23 Speaker Wire, Shindo Silver Signal Cable and Mr. T.

Besides being a voracious music listener and vinyl junkie, Alan is an uber fit bike enthusiast.  He inspired me to get back into road cycling.  Thanks Alan.


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