Customer Music System – Nicholas M. – New Orleans, LA

Nicholas’ goal was a compact, high performance hifi.  It needed to work within the context of an aesthetically contemporary Loft environment, as well. I think he suceeded!  Shindo Aurieges-MM Preamplifier, Shindo 6V6 Montille Amplifier, Wavelength Audio Cosecant USB DAC, DeVore Nine Loudspeakers, Box Furniture Co. Equipment Support, A23 Speaker Wire and Shindo Signal Cable.  A Shindo Mr. T Power Conditioner adds the final touch to a great setup.

Nick also uses his Mac Laptop as a digital source, and rips all his music in uncompressed format for playback through the USB DAC.  He is investigating room treatments to maximize performance.


One thought on “Customer Music System – Nicholas M. – New Orleans, LA

  1. Lovely! I spent some time in Baton Rouge in fall of 2008 as part of a team helping in the wake of Gustav/Ike. Louisiana has become a second home to me. I also own DeVore speakers and value his approach to speaker design. Just like the folks at Pitch Perfect, it’s music first. Again…lovely setup and room.

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