Hyodo San

RS 100

Another sweet product from Mr. Taku Hyodo of Leben HiFi.  The NEW Leben RS-100 Preamplifier, is now in production!  Cool. This line-stage preamp is tube rectified and has components that are point to point wired with utmost detail and care.  More info and personal observations, once we have one on display.  Photo courtesy of Tone Imports.

One thought on “Hyodo San

  1. Hey Matt! Been a while since we’ve chatted, but I thought I’d offer an exclusive tease for you and your merry band of Leben aficionados: I’ve got both the the RS100 & RS100 here now to write about for Positive Feedback Online, and OMG, these are wonderful line stages! Hyodo San called these his masterpiece in a note to me, and I wouldn’t disagree. In fact I’d wager that more than a few people will start referring to the RS100 & RS100U as a breakthrough design. Man it’s starting to get expensive reviewing this Leben gear, as once you hear it … well you know!

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