Deep Groove


It’s here at Pitch Perfect Audio – the new EMT OFD15 mono cartridge.  Designed to reproduce the musical virtues of your prized ‘Hi Fidelity’ mono records, it is outstanding! This cartridge is the perfect compliment to enjoy records pressed from the very late 50’s throughout the 60’s. Listening to a mono record with a mono cart is the optimum way to enjoy mono records.  Playing mono records with a stereo cartridge and simply flipping a mono switch on your preamp is not ideal, since a mono cartridge is designed to trace the grooves in the horizontal plane, the exact way mono records were cut. Standard mounting is the EMT A Mount for EMT 997 and Shindo Mersault Tone-arms.  If you are using a 1/2″ mount headshell, you would be interested in the TMD-15 model.  Have an SME tonearm?  You would want the SME G Mount model.

Also available in the traditional 25 micron stylus tip for reproduction of late 40’s to late 50’s mono records, called the OFD-25/TMD-25/XOD-25, depending on which tone-arm you enjoy using.


2 thoughts on “Deep Groove

    1. Hello Kramer, Shindo mods are not really mods, but more of a system approach to improving the performance of the legendary 301 and 401. Starting with a Shindo or Lignolab plinth these upgrades bring out the best in the 301 or 401 Garrard tables. The photo in this post is of a Lignolab 401 plinth, EMT 997 tonearm, EMT cartridge and Shindo Precision Bearing/Platter/Mat/Tune Record Weight.

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