Customer Music System – Cliff C. – Oregon


Vosne Romanee 2


One of my many enthusiastic customers, Cliff, has built up this great system over the past few years.  System consists of Shindo Vosne Romanee Preamplifier, Shindo 301 Turntable System, Shindo Cortese F2a Single Ended Amplifier, Auditorium 23 SoloVox Loudspeaker, A23 Hommage Step Up Transformer, A23 Speaker Wire and Shindo Signal Cable.  A Mr. T Power Conditioner rounds out the set up.

Cliff loves classic rock and blues and is dedicated to the art of spinning the black disc.  I look forward to daily email correspondence with Cliff, regarding his latest ebay vinyl scores!  His latest addition is a LignoLab Pneumatic Suspension Equipment Support, which is arriving soon from Germany.

14 thoughts on “Customer Music System – Cliff C. – Oregon

  1. Beautiful system! That chair looks nice and comfy too which is a good thing with a system like that. I once spent 23 hours listening to music over a three day weekend with the SoloVox, Cortese, 301 and Giscours. Almost the same system. Even at the 23rd hour the system was able to give me goose bumps.
    The Lignolab will bring it to a new level. I can’t wait for your feedback once it arrives.

    1. Hey,I think I might top that 23hrs. this weekend:Inspired by Matt’s awesome looking example,I bought a Fisher km-60 tuner from ebay and received it friday.The guy had completely refurbished and aligned it so it was plug-in and play ready.I quickly found a cool jazz/blues/americana station and have been listening literally all weekend minus only a few hours necessary for sleep.The thing sounds great and is a lot of fun,but the best thing is I now have a new list of records to get from artists I heard on the radio.
      This is what I really needed.I highly recommend it to guys who eschew digital and want to stay analogue only.I got my two sources now!

      Now I do just need that Lingolab.My (Shindo) boys need a house.

  2. I love good FM. Its such a vital part of my existence these days. I love to flip it on and let it play all day tuned to my favorite NYC station- WBGO. I can’t say I’m listening intently the whole time but throughout the day I find myself drawn to the system. Sometimes it pulls me in from outside on the deck. I think you’ll get many good hours out of that Fisher.
    Lignolab is almost done… Norbert is putting the final touches on it from what I understand. Can’t wait to hear your reaction to this “house.”

  3. Same here.I have been letting the tuner play all day when I can’t really comfortably spin records and don’t really want to waste cartridge life on background music.
    Then on to the 301 in the evening.

    The imminent arrival of the Lingolab is beckoning me to fill out my system and the bottom shelf with the addition of some monoblocks.But which ones?And things aren’t getting easier for me with the latest addition of the GM-70.I think I want them all.


  4. Understood completely. I’m about to build some new shelving to hold my “small” Shindo collection. People always ask me “which one is best?” My answer is as yours- I want them all!
    My 301 is always spinning and warmed up in case the mood strikes. And for me its usually later into the evening when the phone, emails and other distractions slow down.

  5. Yes,I thought I knew which amp I wanted to ‘upgrade” to,which for now shall remain unnamed–but then this:the GM-70! I feel like throwing my hands up.I like to keep things simple,but the house of Shindo is not cooperating.There are now 4 amps I think I want…
    And then when I am sitting actually listening to music through my Cortese,I think,am I nuts? Why would i want to “upgrade” from this?I don’t know if i could bring myself to trade it in on any of the others(which are a good bit more $ than the Cortese).
    But to answer your other query,yes,I might just have to jog on down to Matt’s to make up my mind,especially if he gets the GM-70 soon.
    I don’t know if I could like another amp more than the Cortese,but I might like another in addition to the Cortese.
    I envy yours and Matt’s “little” collections,but ,man, mine sure is satisfying anytime I spin a record.
    As an aside,I finally have to get some new shelving,too–but for records.My shelves are finally popping with records! About time.

  6. Well said Cliff. You summed up the Shindo amplifier “problem.” I was asked a few days ago which amp I would choose if I could only have one. I changed my answer half way through the conversation and then back again. After hanging up the phone, I changed my mind a few more times. I’m happy I don’t have to choose just one. I think I know how Sophie felt.

  7. Lovely system, Cliff. Not sure if you are the fella I met here in Albany. Bought some records from me from a CL ad. If so, It’s wonderful to see the system you spoke so highly of, beautiful. If not, I apologize in advance and it’s still a wonderful setup. It’s obvious that the folks at Pitch Perfect value music first. That’s the right approach.

    1. Hey Art, good to hear from you and yes it is I, the same Cliff.
      And thanks for the kind comments.
      If Matt were not such an understanding,helpful,and devoted guy,then I would not have nearly as nice of a system as I do ( and I probably would not be spending so much on records!).
      If you ever feel the desire to maybe try tubes with your Devores, I urge you to take a look at Shindo (or maybe Leben) and contact Matt. He will steer you straight and knows Devore speakers.
      BTW, I did move–to Montana. Out here I can play my system as loud as I like and there is nobody to complain.The deer seem to dig Miles Davis.
      Cheers and take care,

  8. hello chaps! Usually try to keep my name out of the papers and off’n the internet but I am in a position now to contribute my impressions of a comparison of two different shindo power amps in a system with shindo preamp (Gisours) and DeVore Nines. I have been using Corton Chralemagne amps to drive the Nine’s – very satisfying! Lots of drive, very extended and detailed high end, lush mid’s, very solid images, etc., only reservation being that I found myself wanting a little more deep bass than I was getting in this particular largish (18 X 22, high ceilings, lots of fabric and studio-style wall treatments on about 50 % of surfaces) room. Silverbacks to the rescue! I know they’ll have more low end, I can only hope that I love them as much in all the other ways, because Nine’s are wonderful speakers, no doubt, I’m keeping them for a different room.
    So…what was I talking about? oh yeah – the two Shindo amps – as fate would have it, while awaiting the S’Backs I came by a pair of Lafon GM70 amps. The comparison is fascinating, I will probably be able to say more when a little more time has passed and the Fonzies are broken in – but:
    have you ever had one of those amps that allows you to switch from pentode (or ultrlinear) to triode? such amps never truly do justice to the triode possibilities but they are somewhat instructive, and it is not easy to characterize the “SET” sound in the abstract – but, in the particular case at hand (CC’s vs. GM70’s), it goes something like this: the CC’s have more solid, well defined, fully-coalesced images of the instruments in some ways. The CC low end is tighter. The sonic picture is denser, hangs closer around the speakers, is basically a magnificent iteration of a classic tube hifi presentation that splits the difference perfectly between rich tube harmonics and palpable imaging and presentation that we associate with classic tube amps, and the clean and detailed, well focused drive and dynamics of good solid state.
    But the GM70 is a very unusual amp, certainly less familiar to me – despite SET config, gives up little or nothing in the way of drive. The bass is bigger and plummier, which suits me fine in this rig – but I would bet that this aspect of the amp will depend very much on the speaker load. High end extension is superb. And, having said that, we can leave the conventions of hifi narrative behind, for the most part, because these amps are definitely SOMETHING ELSE! The sound picture is enormous – the room is filled with sound in a completely different way than with CC’s or most similar devices. Imaging is spectacular – I’ve heard some amazing Shindo setups now and then in my travels, but never anything better than these guys.The spacial and timbral gestalt of these amps will, I believe, give even the jaded well heeled audiophile full-on “chicken skin” experience from side one,cut one, all the way out to wherever.
    These amps have balls like you never hear from SET’s – believe me, I love those pretty 300B’s and those superb F2A’s and all the rest – but in my experience they don’t approach the kind of supernatural combination of shimmering sonic refinement and utterly satisfying, in-your-face tubulicious GRUNT that these amps put out. What I’m saying is – i love the CC’s and you will too – but I am L-U-U-U-V-I-N-G these Lafonses. To pieces. See what I mean?
    Summary: if you’re looking for c. 20 tube watts and if you’ve come this far – i.e., to Shindo and the like – AND if your speakers are the kind of load that makes sense for them, don’t neglect to hear these amps along with the other Shindo electronics. You may like it, or you may not – it’s your cake, it’s your party. But, hey, you can’t say nobody told you, right? FP

  9. I’ll tell you what – it may not sound any better, but Cliff’s system is gonna look truly “muy bitchendo” when he gets that Ligno Labs stand. Pneumatic be damned, the Ligno is undoubtedly the most elegant looking piece of hi-fi furniture ever. Whatever they cost, they are worth every penny. That – and maybe, I dunno, an old Epiphone archtop to lean up against it or even hang on the wall – and you’re all set. regards & etc. Jeff

    1. Jeff, I agree about the great looks of the Lingo Lab stand.It is in fact,truth be told, the main reason I had wanted one ever since I first saw a pic of it in one of Matt’s customer systems.I had never seen anything quite like it and just knew it must sound as good as it looked.
      Once I got the Shindo 301, it began to seem like a practical necessity that I get one if I were to get everything out of my new TT, performance-wise: the 301 is so large and heavy it was clear that I needed a serious,BIG, stand.
      Well, the Lingo Lab has really filled the bill. It is to me one of the most impressive pieces of craftsmanship/artistry in the service of music reproduction that I have ever experienced,rivaled only by the Solovox speakers and the aforementioned Shindo 301.Together they form the essential tripods of my system.
      Simply put, it did make my system sound better,much better.It turned a collection of wonderful components into a system…which I thought was complete…until the GM-70 came along.
      Frank’s very interesting comments echo those of Matt who has told me that the GM-70 is the best sounding amp combination with the Solovox that he has ever heard.
      These two guy’s comments taken together are ruining my plans for saving some money for a while.
      The fires of desire are burning brightly again.
      Have fun Frank!

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