Balance of Power


Unrestrained power, yet, with the ebb & flow and communicative ability of Shindo’s single ended designs.  This about sums up the the Shindo Corton-Charlemagne.  Using the KT88 output tube, the CC80 provides 70wpc @ 8Ω into many of the most challenging loudspeaker loads.  You really can have it all with a Shindo Amplifier.

4 thoughts on “Balance of Power

  1. I just couldn’t resist: I think the answer to which Shindo works best with quads is any of them(except for maybe the Kt88, as it would probably be overkill) as long as your quads are the ‘better-than-quad’ Auditorium 23 Solovox.
    I had an interest in quads and looked into going that route with my Shindo,but am so glad I didn’t.
    The simple fact is that for anyone interested in what Shindo gear does,the Solovox is a much better speaker than the modern quad.It is much more close to the ideal or perfect speaker than the modern quads I heard.
    After living with the natural purity of sound from the Solovox,it would be impossible to go back to the synthetic,cold plastic “sheen” of at least modern quads,which by some is mistaken for neutrality–much as certain solidstate electronics is.
    I for one had never heard true low coloration and clarity in a speaker until I heard the Solovox.
    And then there is the area of dynamics,jump,and flow–to me what Shindo is mostly about.
    There is no contest between Solovox and quad.The quads communicate stasis and limitation .The Solovox conveys the emotion and substance and scale of all but the largest most complex music.

    The Solovox,at least in my system,betters the quad 2805 I heard in every area of performance I can think of and at the same price,I believe.
    The problem with the Solovox is that it is difficult to set-up really well.And it takes a very long time to completely open up.
    It is easy to make it sound very good and spectacularly musical,but difficult to bring it to the full level of oerformance it is capable of.I have a feeling that I am now missing just one piece which will complete my Solovox puzzle–after 2 years of owning it.
    So my advice to anyone considering Shindo and quad would be to save your money and go Solovox Shindo–that way even 8 watts is enough–and get the full musical picture and experience.
    Just one dude’s opinion.

  2. Thanks Cliff, well said!
    Just to clear the air on Quads since this question has come up more than once via email- none of the Shindo amps will work with Quads regardless of power output in any way, shape or form. Quads and Shindo come from opposite ends of the spectrum. Quads are a tough load and demand the amplifier give them what they want while at the same time dominating the system with Quad sound. Its not that I dislike Quads, it just isn’t a word that can be considered in the context of a Shindo based system. Shindo asks for a high impedance, high sensitivity speaker that can respond to the micro vibrations hidden within your LP’s grooves like the SoloVox, Latour, Petite Latour etc. I once inquired if Shindo could make an amp for a Quad lover- his response was something to the effect of “to make Quads work well, I’d have to make an ampliifer with so much power and drive the Quads would explode.” Point well taken.

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