Birth of the Cool

main in blueThe NEW Shindo Apetite Integrated Amplifier is now on demonstration, weighing in at a robust 31lbs.

Even my favorite man in blue was giddy as he sauntered down the hallway pushing some sweet packages from Japan.  He seemed more chipper than usual, that’s for sure.  Heck you would be too, if you knew you were delivering the first Shindo Apetite Integrated Amplifier in the US of A.

I’ve got the amp burning in this week, so I will report back as it settles in.

First impressions: Music has density, foundation and drive, yet at the same time, a none too serious ease and playful attitude about it. Scale, depth and the subtlety of complex musical passages will continue to blossom, as it breaks in over the course of the coming weeks. Right out of the box, though, the portrayal of the musical landscape has a vivid, lucid quality, which was quite addictive in it’s ability to draw you in to the music. Like all Shindo Labs products, there is a presence to the music and palpable qualitythat transcends the written word. Like rain gently pattering on the roof of a porch, palpable.

The Apetite is going to be the heart of many music enthusiasts systems, in due time.

open sesame


I also have to mention that most tube cages look aesthetically challenged.  Not this one!  This is cool. Power output, by the way, is 12wpc.  Apetite utilizes three line level inputs.

Give me or email me to arrange some time to hear a taste of what Shindo is all about, in this beautiful, compact amplifier.


Apetite 1
Apetite 2

11 thoughts on “Birth of the Cool

  1. Matt, stop holding out on us. We want to see this beauty naked. Take the cage off, all off!!!!! (and send us the photos)

  2. Matt,

    That looks very nice. If I didn’t have a Auriges and Montille…

    Thanks for being one of the ‘Good Guys’ in audio.


  3. So how is this different from the previous apetite version? Does the newness achieve an increase of at least 50% over the previous apetite version? I’m not talking about looks, but only musicality. My concerns are function over form.

    1. Hi, The original Apetite was a KIT amp, originally introduced to Southern Europe around 15 or so years ago. It’s a very different amp than the current production Apetite, in terms of tubes used and circuit design, of course.

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