Smaller than a Breadbox

Aurieges-L Image 2

Don’t let it’s compact, cute, looks deceive you.  The Shindo Labs Aurieges-L preamplifier is a certifiable giant among preamplifiers.  Aurieges-L has four line level inputs allowing complete installation flexibility for all of your source material.  Tube rectified, point to point wired and complete with NOS tubes, it exudes quality.  Quality that you simply don’t find in similarly priced products, anywhere.

What is a line level input, you ask?  It’s simply an input so that you may connect pre-amplified sources, such as CD player or Tuner.  These sources do not need equalization, just amplification.  The necessary additional pre-amplification of these analog sources is provided by the specialized active tube circuitry, within the Aurieges, before being directed to an Amplifier.  A turntables phono cartridge, needs equilization, as well as additional amplification.  The Aurieges-MM is available with 3 inputs and and a superb quality moving magnet phono input, for you vinyl aficionados.  Using a moving coil cartridge?  No sweat. Use a quality outboard step up transformer and you are in business.

If you are itching to spend $8,000 on many of the newly publicized ‘wonder preamps’ from various manufacturers, you owe it to yourself to spend half that on an Aurieges-L or Aurieges-MM.

2 thoughts on “Smaller than a Breadbox

  1. Hi Matt,

    In Shindo’s current line of products, the most affordable full function pre-amplifier with both MC and MM capabilities would be the Monbrison?


    1. The Aurieges-MM includes phono as well. Although it has no MC step up built in, you can use an outboard step up transformer (such as an A23.) However, regarding a preamp that has a built in MC step up, the popular Monbrison is the first in the line up.


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