Leben CS-600

The Leben Hi-Fi CS-600 integrated amplifier is really the only amplifier any logical person requires.  It goes without saying that most Audiophiles aren’t logical, but I figured I would at least give you the benefit of the doubt. 🙂 Who doesn’t love the classy styling, solid build quality and plethora of features?  Providing 30wpc through the output tube selection of your choice, the Leben allows you to sweetly tailor the sound… Looking for a bit more delicacy, density, warmth and body in your music?  Pop a quad of your favorite NOS EL34 tubes in.  Perhaps a bit more sparkle and mid bass drive?  6L6 should do nicely.  The choice is yours.  How about something really special?  Install a set of W.E.350B Tubes. Other features include a world-class headphone output, preamp input and +3 & +5 db bass boost switch, which actives the frequency range below 100Hz.  This last feature is especially useful for low-volume, late night, listening.

The Leben RS-30EQ is a perfect companion piece for you vinyl spinners.

2 thoughts on “Logical

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Glad you asked. Yes.. a few things come to mind..

    If you are into vinyl, you could augment the CS300 or CS600 integrated amps with the Leben RS30EQ phono stage($2,595). Add a Rega P5, 7 for 9 table (or similarly TT rig). Heck, even some sweet vintage TT’s can be had, like Empires or Lenco’s for next to nothing, that will perform astonishingly good. A Well Tempered Amadeus table, for a bit more, would be ideal. Add an A23 transformer($975) for MC carts. For cartridges, an EMT TSD ($1,800) is my first choice. For digital bits, a Wavelength Proton($900) or Brick($1,750) is a popular pairing, at this price point. As you know, they provide the interface and Digital to Analog conversion for first rate digital playback from music stored on your computer. A Macbook is only $1k and paired with a USB DAC provides excellent sonics.

    Speakers are really room dependent, and require careful consideration.. usually they are the toughest part of the equation. As you know I represent DeVore, which is a perfect match. There are, of course, other excellent brands that work well. Speakers are too broad a topic to go into within a comment section – but important enough so that it will require a dedicated post about the topic at some point.

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