Two Sides to Every Story


Let’s face it.  There are dozens of stereo power amps on the market.  What does the Shindo Labs Montille bring to the table?  Well, I will tell you.  With all Shindo preamps and amps, you are obtaining a product that is dedicated in bringing out the best qualities of the particular tubes used, via unique circuit topologies.  You will not find stock, textbook circuits in Shindo products.   All circuits are designs of Shindo’s own artistic abilities. Like his world-class preamplifiers, the amplifiers in the Shindo line-up allow you to hear into the music, unlike anything else you have experienced.

The Shindo Montille is available in two flavors- The classic Montille (EL84 based) version [update: recently discontinued] and the recently added Montille 6V6 15wpc stereo amplifier.

Which one is right for you is a personal decision best determined through demonstration.  Both are available at my showroom, Pitch Perfect Audio.

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