Shindo 604E V2

The Shindo 604 Alnico Loudspeaker is now on demonstration at Pitch Perfect Audio!

Enjoy, at home, the dramatic presence you have come to enjoy from a real, live musical performance.

A lifetime of knowledge is distilled into Ken Shindo’s proprietary crossover, which utilize the finest quality components. Besides the all important crossover, a specially tuned cabinet carries on the tradition of  – and pays hommage to – an era when loudspeaker designers and the finest engineers of our time had the goal to produce the best sound.  This was engineering priority numero uno. Fitting the speakers into a bookcase or on top of a armoire, be damned!

Shindo loudspeakers unabashedly give you the scale, unforced dynamics, weight and density of the live performance.  The true soul of the musical event.

For Shindo, it’s a return to the very essence of what matters.

Like all Shindo Loudspeakers, the 604 is extremely sensitive (~100db/16Ω).   This allows you to enjoy even the lowest power Single Ended amplifier topologies.  For those looking for something even more special and rare, a field coil version is also available of the Shindo 604E.

Three versions are available.  604 Alnico (on display), Petite 604 Alnico (smaller cabinet), and 604 Field Coil.

Multiple wood options available.  Shown in Japanese Tamo Ash.

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