Mini Miracle

Aurieges on table

Man, this Shindo Labs Apetite is amazing.  If you are looking for an integrated amp design, due to space and/or budget, yet, are yearning for Shindo separates (preamp & amp) sound quality, the Apetite is for you.  Remember, guys, it is limited edition. Once they are gone, they are gone.  I’m really enjoying the Leben phono RS-30EQ phono stage running into the auxiliary input on the Apetite.  Spinning vinyl on the Garrard/LignoLab plinth combo with an EMT  TSD-15LZI Moving Coil Phono Cartridge & A23 Step Up Transformer doesn’t get much better.  I’ll post more info about this set up, shortly.  For digital, a super match is the new Wavelength Proton or Brick V2.

What speakers you ask?  We just received in the new DeVore Gibbon 3XL’s and these little guys can sing!  Yep!  DeVore Gibbon 3XL Monitor Loudspeakers are now on demo ! Pics soon.

19 thoughts on “Mini Miracle

  1. that is one cute little amp! (unless that hand is from an 8′ tall audiophile!).. what are the dimensions of this tot? btw…Shindo and DeVore…aahhhh! (I’m a proud owner of NINES with Leben CS300 and Auditorium 23 speaker cables, and I am constantly thrilled with what’s on my records!!

    1. Hello hrtk,

      For most customers, this would depend on your speakers, of course. But in your case, you have Tannoy DMT monitors, so you could drive them with either the Leben or the Shindo Apetite, power output being equal. Which one is right for you depends on the functionality you need. IF you needed a headphone output, bass boost switch, balance control, and 5 line level inputs, go for the Leben. IF you needed only 3 line level inputs and didn’t require headphone or balance control, for example, the Apetite would be my first choice for the ultimate sonics. Of course, their is a price disparity between the two.

  2. hello matt,

    thanks for the advice, i think price is a factor for me right now and hence would go for the cs300 in that case. i hope it sounds equally good.

    1. The CS300 is a really fun amp to listen to. It is not the sonic equal of the Shindo Apetite, nor is it designed to be. It’s a different flavor, that is all. Slightly warmer and not as fully developed in comparison. ON IT’S OWN, without comparison to the Shindo, it is an outstanding amplifier, and musically satisfying!

  3. I get your point…whatever little i have learnt about the CS300 is that it’s the most musical amplifier with great build quality and point to point wiring and no other amp comes close to it under $3000.(if you dont need big watts)

  4. thanks matt,

    just got my leben cs 300 and it sounds beautiful with my tannoy system 15, looking for a DAC now. any suggestions?

  5. Hey Matt, how much power does the Apetite put out? I don’t see any references to the Apetite amp on the shindo labs site, or on Tone Imports site… What is the cost?

    1. Hi, Not sure if any 12wpc tube is is ideal for those speakers, actually. If I am not mistaken the Proac 1SC are 86db 8ohm, so not efficient. The Leben CS600 would be a good match. Something to consider…

  6. Hi, I am looking to replace my old Cary Sli-30 integrated. It’s 30 watts with 8 EL-84 tubes. I am interested in the Leben 300 or 300xs or the Shindo Apetite 6v6 stereo line. Can you tell me the sound differences you have noticed between them? What are the prices these days? I have Proac Signature 2000’s right now so I think I would have to upgrade those too. What are some good matches speaker wise with them? Thanks.

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