East meets West

Gibbon 3XL on stands

Solid bamboo. It’s the main ingredient in the new DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3XL Monitor Loudspeakers.  Beyond the bamboo skin, though, there is a lot of love, skill, and passion within these beautiful monitor loudspeakers.  DeVore Fidelity produces my favorite compact floorstanding and monitor loudspeakers on the market.  This will hold true, for you as well, if you like listening to music, not audiophile sound effects. Sharing the same tweeter unit as in the DeVore Silverback Reference Loudspeaker and DeVore Nines,the Gibbon 3XL reveals the same open window to the musical event as it’s bigger brothers, but in a compact package.  The aesthetically integrated stand, as well, is where form meets function head on.  It’s outstanding.  Say no to black metal speaker stands!

Gibbon 3XL closeup90db @ into a stable 8Ω make’em tube amp friendly. Designed to exacting DeVore Fidelity specifications, the 5″ paper woofer adds an undeniably palpable midrange depth and bass punch. The silk dome tweeter integrates seamlessly, providing the silky smooth highs we have come to know from DeVore Fidelity loudspeakers.

Also available in Mahogany and Mink finish.

3 thoughts on “East meets West

  1. I heard these speakers at the Montreal Son & Image audio show, and they were really wonderful. Great imaging and mid-range. A little light in the bass, but they would be great for a small room. It was a real pleasure to hear them – for the price, they can’t be beat..

  2. Please describe the Devore Gibbon 3XL speakers. I own a pair of Focal Profile 908 two way speakers powered by a 35 watt per channel vacuum tube amplifier. I would like to read more about the 3XL’s. Unfortunately there are no dealers any closer than 7-8 hours away from my home. Any information is appreciated. I was originally interested in the Gibbon 3’s but John Devore said they are no longer being manufactured.

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