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Leben CS600

[please note: prices reflect date of this post, they may have changed]

I get email all the time:

“Matt, what is a great system for $x ?”

“…I need to get back to listening to music, and stop monkeying around with buying and selling gear because I am unhappy…”

Another email:  “I find myself no longer listening to music… help me figure out my next step…”

Let’s get back to making music, shall we?

I’m here to help and happy to answer your emails regarding ways to improve your music enjoyment.

Even at the entry point you can get a system that will knock your socks off. I get considerable comments upon playing any of the following systems- that they are some of the finest customers have ever heard.  At Pitch Perfect Audio you will not find a mish mosh product mix.  The following gear has been carefully selected to work as a whole.

The packages, below, are some of the many iterations that are available.

Package Uno:

Leben CS300 Integrated Amplifier – Quality hand wired craftsmanship with 12 gutsy wpc’s – $2,995.

Devore Gibbon 3XL Monitor Loudspeaker – $4,400. pr.

Auditorium 23 Signal Cable – $450. 1/2M pr.

Auditorium 23 Loudspeaker Cable – $950. 2.5M pr.

Wavelength Audio Proton D to A Converter 24.96 – $900.

Total package: $9,695.*

Options:  Add the awesome Leben RS-30EQ phono stage for $2,595. and get back to spinning some vinyl records!  Regarding the turntable, I recommend the new Well Tempered Lab Amadaeus Turntable for only $2,850. (more soon, on this great new table). Cartridge?  EMT TSD15 series is a perfect mate – or if you are feeling thrifty a Denon 103 would be excellent.  Add an A23 Step Up Transformer and you are in business.

Package Duo:

Leben CS-600 EL34/6L6 tube type Integrated Amplifier – $5,795.

DeVore Gibbon Super 8 Loudspeakers – $4,500.

Auditorium 23 Signal Cable – $795. 1M pr.

Auditorium 23 Loudspeaker Cable – $950. 2.5M pr.

Wavelength Audio Brick v2 D to A Converter – $1,795.

Total package: $13,835.*

Options to consider:  Wavelength Mortar Power Supply Upgrade for Brick, for only $250. Add a matched pair of Winged C EL34 tubes for $100. to the CS-600.  Of course, you could augment the system with vinyl, such as system one.  Sweet!!

Package Trio:

Shindo Apetite Integrated Amplifier – $6,995.

DeVore Nine Loudspeakers – $6,500.

Auditorium 23 Signal Cable – $795. 1M pr.

Auditorium 23 Loudspeaker Cable – $950. 2.5M pr.

Wavelength Audio Cosecant v3 D to A Converter 24.96 – $3,500.

Total package: $18,740.*

Further options:  Add select cherry or walnut or select the ltd. edition walnut to the DeVore Nines for $500 and $1,000 respectively.  Again, add a Leben RS-30EQ or consider the superlative Shindo Aurieges phono stage for delicious vinyl playback.

The addition of a Box Furniture Co. Equipment support, for any of the above systems, would do wonders to improve your music playback even further.  Prices start at only $2,300 for a beautiful Sapele 3 Shelf Stand.  Do not underestimate the sonic importance of a good equipment foundation.

* Plus applicable taxes & shipping

7 thoughts on “Three’s Company…

  1. Matt, you’ve recommended Wavelength DACs in all these systems which are designed for computer playback via USB. What computer, rippng/playback software and USB cable are you recommending?

    1. Hey Scott,
      Well, 99.9% of my customers who use the USB Dacs are Mac based – the small percentage that are PC, seem to use alternative music playback software other than iTunes. iTunes is the dominant MAC playback software, and one that I use at my shop, as well. I record music only in completely uncompressed format (AIFF).

      I look forward to using Amarra software as the ‘decoding playback engine’, though, some time in the near future – and keeping iTunes as the ‘interface’, which is designed well, I feel. I think this will take the performance of the USB dacs up several notches, as I have witnessed first hand the effects of higher quality music playback software – of which iTunes is excellent – but currently not GREAT.

  2. Matt, offerring a Macbook with the purchase of a system is an excellent idea/incentive. I’ve messed around with various ripping software and playback software – its amazing the difference between software programs. I use a PC notebook in my office and a Olive Musicserver in my main system. I’ve ripped in FLAC format using Exact Audio Copy. My playback software has changed a number of times over the years but its currently MediaMonkey or MediaCenter. MediaCenter’s last release came out with a memory cache playback feature that seems to take the sound quality up another notch. As you indicted, however, digital can be excellent (especially with Gordon’s DACS) but proper analog is still KING! Take care and thanks for running an excellent store.

    1. Absolutely, it’s an excellent combo. Ultimately, though, it will depend on your listening preference and room size. In the case of a larger room or higher than average listening
      levels, a Leben CS-600 (30~ wpc) would be the amp of choice, for some. I do recommend you visit a dealer who demonstrates both amps, and listen to both on a pair of Nines and decide….

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