Heightened Senses

Inside MassetoAlong with Stephen in New Mexico, my customer Nicholas from New Orleans, recently bought a Shindo Masseto preamplifier. Check out his enthusiastic reaction, upon wiring it in his system.

“Matt- The Masseto is up and running… what a trip! My first cd is wilco’s yankee hotel foxtrot. What is amazing is how much more detail the Masseto is able to unravel. The stage lays out horizontal as before, but there’s more ‘verticality’ to my ear, to individual notes, and better spatial delineation… and the PACE is perfect. It swings harder.. it moves and propels the music forward on rails, wow! BRAVO! I can’t wait to hear the Masseto break-in! More later, thanks for everything Matt.  -Nicholas”

Nicholas, I look forward to your reaction once you listen to the phono stage…(!)

4 thoughts on “Heightened Senses

  1. The pre-amplifier is the heart and soul of any system. I have owned two worthy preamps over a period of 12 years, until I settled in on the Shindo Monbrison. Haven’t looked back – music just flows and flows… Tons of detail and “speed” ..

      1. Monbrison is a lot of fun. To get “much more” out of my system, I think that I would have to upgrade a whole lot of other things …

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