Frequency Modulation

Jared and 10b

Enjoy listening to radio?  My son, Jared, loves it.  Although, I think he really just enjoys fiddling with the analog tuning dial, as it traverses the cozy illuminated display.

How about streaming internet radio stations, through your hifi (preferably with a good DAC)?

Being a big fan of radio, I enjoy listening throughout the day, as it brings me varied genres of music that I wouldn’t normally hear.  This holds especially true when listening to college stations.  I usually listen through some sweet vintage tube tuners like my Fisher(101-R), Marantz(10B) or REL Precedent, which all provide an unparalleled level of realism and presence on a good feed.  When my wandering audio needs extend further, and reception is required beyond their boundaries, world-wide streaming internet radio fits the bill.

Speaking of which, check out the 91.7 FM ( stream from Trinity University, in San Antonio, Texas.  My good customer Chuck hosts a weekly show called The Jazz Lab, every Thursday night, from 8-10pm.  Tune in and check it out!  Broadcasting from the Department of Communication at Trinity University, KRTU is listener-supported Jazz for San Antonio and worldwide at

Chuck is the proud owner of a Shindo Monbrison Preamp and Shindo Cortese F2a Single Ended Stereo Amp, as well.  You have good taste, Chuck.

One thought on “Frequency Modulation

  1. A huge THANK YOU to Matt for his extremely generous and music-lover friendly Trade up program. Matt turned me on to Shindo’s interpretation of beauty and art in 2006 with a Mobrison/Montille combination. Then in 2007, because of the trade up program, I enjoyed music in my home through the Monbrison/Cortese combination. Just this week, because of Matt’s trade up program, I am listening to music through a Masseto/Cortese combination. The world is a better place with music, Shindo and people like Matt.


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