Elegant Beast

Box 1

My wife and I required an audio equipment rack at home that was stylish, sonically awesome, yet…well… ok, I admit… ‘cheaper’ than the mighty awesome Lignolab Pneumatic Equipment Support, which I own and is on demonstration at my showroom.

Box 2Lucky for me, Anthony from BOX Furniture Co. was working on a specialized version of his current product offerings. “Hey Matt, I have something that would fit the bill.. something special I’m working on…”

Knowing full well the sonic ability and craftsmanship of his current production pieces, on display at my showroom, there was no hesitation in my voice.  “Sign me up, Tony!”

Box 3Well, after 2 months of eager anticipation, the beast arrived.  My custom made BOX Furniture Co. equipment stand, that is.  All 560 (crated) lbs of it.  Brutal does not describe the weight.

The photos are jut a tease – sorry – you will have to wait until I have it loaded with gear, for further shots.

Box 5

Box 4

5 thoughts on “Elegant Beast

  1. Ouch! 560lbs?! Can anybody say hernia?
    Sounds like you need assistance from some muscle beach dudes.
    I guess you really do have to suffer for great sound (at least a little).

    1. Cliff – Good thing my membership to ’24 hour fitness’ has not lapsed. It took a while to unbox, and only with the help of my Dad.

      Ricky – Not sure of the un-crated weight, but it would be easier for you to MOVE to the first floor, than for us to bring it to your upstairs apartment.

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