Customer Music System – Noel J. – Detroit, MI

Noel J's SystemHiro digs the vibe.

Emanating from the cartridge, onward: Denon 103 MC Cartridge/SME3012 Tone-Arm/Lignolab Plinth/Garrard 401, Auditorium 23 Step Up Transformer feeding a Shindo Masseto Preamplifier, Shindo Cortese F2a Single Ended Amplifier, Auditorium 23 Speaker Cable, Vintage Altec Valencia Loudspeakers. Awesome.  Noel built this system up, one component at a time, working diligently on maximizing performance by selecting components with synergy.

Noel J 2This is what it’s all about, folks.  Customers of mine who ‘stay on the path’ – that is to say – appreciate and understand the definitive music playback capabilities of these systems by taking their time to match, appropriately, the source to the preamp and amp to the speakers – will gain the full sonic potential of the design parameters Shindo Labs, Leben Hi-Fi, Auditorium 23,, envisioned.

Noel J 1

Noel says this about this system…

“In my opinion this is the ultimate audiophile budget sytem. In a freak accident with a 4’x5′ painting during a move, my Altec Valencia’s had a little grill accident – had for only $1700. But, I’ve been blessed with better sounding speakers, for removing the grills. The table is a Lignolab Plinth, SME 3012 arm… and the Garrard 401 table was had for $400! This was fine and dandy hooked up to my Eastern Electric M520, but I wasn’t happy. When I brought home the Shindo Masseto and Cortese, I finally knew what the high life was all about 🙂  After playing records for friends and family, even my Mom thinks my Shindo system was a sound investment.”

Noel dreams of Shindo 301 Turtable Player System and Shindo Latours at some point.. and we’ll just have to do our best to make that happen.  The next item Noel is planning to add is a Shindo Mr. T, EMT cartridge for his SME Tone-Arm.

Photos courtesy of Noel J.

4 thoughts on “Customer Music System – Noel J. – Detroit, MI

  1. Awesome system. I live right around the block and would love to hear the Shindo amps if Noel was amenable but of course understand if he would not rather. I have Lowther with Fi amps currently and Garrard 301 which stll needs work.

  2. Cool system. The Cortese is an awesome little gem.
    However, there is something a little “fishy” here.
    Can’t quite put my finger on it.
    But still–Enjoy!

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