Inner Pilgrimage

WT Setup

I recently dug deep, within, to explore turntable options Pitch Perfect Audio could proudly represent and have finally found a solution for my customers.  For many years, there was simply a lack of turntables I was comfortable representing at the entry price level.  I literally refused to sell other manufacturers budget tables, because of their lack of musical prowess.  Suffice to say, the recommended options for most customers was always a tough decision for me.  A Lignolab 301/401 table or Shindo 301 Player System define the word ultimate in vinyl playback, but at a price point many times what most folks want to spring for, at this time.

We are now proud to represent a sub $3k table complete with tonearm (cartridge additional) that gives up little in performance, especially considering the price.  The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus ($2,850) and Amadeus GT ($3,850), both super performers, differ in plinth material composition. Backed by years of experience and designed by William Firebaugh, who brought the original Well Tempered Turntable to the market years ago, these new tables are a force to be reckoned within this price category.  To re-iterate.. there is nothing close that will compare musically to this table, at this price point, from my experience.

WT PackedThe table is very well packed, with many goodies included. For example, an accurate electronic stylus force gauge and strobe disc are included as standard fare.  Fit ‘n Finish are superior to the original tables.  I have had first hand experience with the vintage Well Tempered Reference tables, having been an owner.  I’m very familiar with their superb musical traits, as well as their functional anomalies.  These new tables are superior in every way – sonically, aesthetically and functionally.

WT Close 2

Pitch accuracy, musical ebb and flow, continuity, drive… presence and emotional connection… the feel… to me, are paramount in quality turntable music playback.  The Well Tempered Amadeus/GT table has received the Pitch Perfect Audio Stamp of Approval™, in it’s ability to communicate these vital aspects of music reproduction.

WT Setup 2The unique tonearm design and bearing are one of the keys to the sound. The platters ‘zero tolerance’ bearing, as well as the adjustable tonearm damping, provides an extremely low noise floor, stable pitch and accurate groove tracking. The string drive (as opposed to rubber belt drive tables) opposes the rubber band effect, typical of drive tables. Easier and straight forward to set up, unlike the WT tables of yore, these tables are a breeze to start enjoying right away.

WT CloseWell Tempered Lab – now officially included in my select group of products.

I’m currently enjoying the superb EMT JSD5 ($3,495) Moving Coil cartridge played through an A23 Step Up Transformer.  Another fine cartridge match would be the EMT TSD15.

WT and JSD5

5 thoughts on “Inner Pilgrimage

  1. Nice job, Matt! I owned a WT Reference, too, and it was superb in everyway. And I can definitely vouch for the JDS5 and the A23 which are in my system now.

  2. Matt,

    The WT looks great! This is a table that really interest’s me as sometime in the near future I’d like to replace my current table with something that has a little more, shall we say…. magic. Any issues getting correct azimuth with the finger lift installed? Certainly doesn’t look like it from the pic.:)

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