Deacon Blues

Steely Blue

Experienced a fantastic Steely Dan show at Masonic Center in San Francisco, this past weekend. Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, joined by an all star musical cast, brought the house down in one of the best Steely Dan performances I’ve seen.  I must say, it was a good time.  I’ve seen them a few times in the past, and this was like seeing old friends again, actually.

The prior day, Walter hung out at Pitch Perfect Audio jamming out with a Shindo Aurieges, Shindo Montille and DeVore Nines.. suffice to say.. he loved it. It’s always fun having Walter visit.

Flash back over 12 years ago, when I was living in New York, phasing out a career in painting/full time artist and morphing into the audio sales scene –  I met my wife, Keenya, innocently, under the pretense of loving music, New York’s Central park, Jazz and the group Steely Dan.  It was, in fact, one of the things we first spoke about.  For me to actually have Walter Becker, now, listening to tunes at my store – well – it’s really come full circle.  Funny how that happens.

Steely Gold

6 thoughts on “Deacon Blues

  1. congrats! what a nice moment that must have been. Re: the Nines, do you know if Devore is planning to expand the use of Bamboo past the 3XLs?

  2. Hey Matt! Some SD show it was…and a pleasure to see it with you… thanks to you and WB!

    Googgled “Matt SF Audio” to find you – and glad to give you a shout…

    Maybe see ya sometime at the store ?
    ~ David (LuckyDog)

  3. Now I am truly envious. The only thing that might have made this better is if Donald Fagen had been with him. I;d love to listen to some tunes with Walter. Lucky!

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