Office Visit

This is a short video, linked from my customer Matt’s blog, of him checking out the video feature of the new Nikon D3s camera.  Besides great still shots, it also is capable of highly realized video recording.  Although digital, when paired with a good lens and judicious use of depth of field… the palpable presence…the je ne sais quo of analog film becomes closer to a reality on this digital consumer product.

Matt takes a circular trip around his office, while enjoying Rachmaninoff on his Shindo Masseto, Shindo Montille, Wavelength Cosecant, and DeVore Silverbacks, which are also part of the video tour.  Sweet setup!

Check out Matt’s main rig.

One thought on “Office Visit

  1. That’s pretty sick that’s his OFFICE set-up, not even the main rig! Prelude in C-sharp minor by Rachmaninoff. My favorite version is Josef Hofmann’s. Matt, find it on a 78, and play it on your sweet Shindo 301.

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