Meditative State

My customer Tim, from Washington, sent me this wonderful letter.  Tim is a music lover who oozes enthusiasm.  He is in the process of building up a new system and started with the Shindo Labs Apetite Integrated amp and Auditorium 23 signal cable, as the core of his newly developing set up.

“Hi, Matt.

First, I want to wish you and your family a wonderful new year. I hope it brings peace, a lot of love, and fun to you.

Thank you so much for paying for Saturday delivery on the Apetite!  It arrived yesterday morning and was awaiting me on my porch… I’m having an insane time listening to it! Lost a lot of sleep last night, playing music, which is good. I’m so amazed at what comes through the amp and cables. Tone, dynamics, etc. Wow! It’s so easy to slip into a meditative state when listening. It’s totally amazing. It’s the music that matters, and I’m getting the music message.

I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I would appreciate your relaying a big thank you to Mr. Shindo-san. I am so thankful there are people out there like him that pursue such a level of craftsmanship and conveyance that these kinds of things result. Being in that spiritual zone where every action is a form of worship is the stuff of life. I can see it come so clearly in the music messengers he creates.

Thank you to you for following your dream of opening your shop and helping folk like me find these rare gems. It’s part of my daily life (no tv, etc.), so all the music I get is with me every day. Your work has touched my life in a special way, and all I can say is thanks…

This is too fun! I’m loving the music flowing from my room…



No, thank YOU, Tim.  You helped re-enforce my confidence at the dawn of 2010, and I appreciate that.

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