Lafon GM70… Light My Fire

They’re here!  Shindo Lafon GM70 Amplifiers are now on demonstration at Pitch Perfect Audio. Boasting 20 illuminated Single Ended Watts, per amp, the Lafon provide an exhilarating blend of authority, finesse, and dynamic contrasts using the outstanding GM70 power triode tube.  The GM70’s were originally used as transmitter tubes, which in Shindo’s unique circuit, provides nuance, delicacy and sound that is also undeniably Shindo. Earthy, weighty, communicative.. yet… vivid, present and dramatic.  The Lafon GM70 will command your attention the first time you experience them.  8Ω & 16Ω output transformer taps provide installation flexibility.

For customers of the LignoLab Equipment Support, a specially designed middle shelf riser is available to allow you to comfortably fit the GM70 within the stand.

6 thoughts on “Lafon GM70… Light My Fire

      1. Based on my previous experience with transmitter tube amps and all of the other types I have owned and especially my time with the Cortese,and what I have been told by those in the know, and the fact that a certain someone already had to have two pairs of these babies so smitten is he—well,I have determined that the gm70’s are probably THE ultimate Shindo amps especially for those of us like me who have non-horn speakers of above average sensitivity.
        When I think of them now,I only seem capable of uttering a grunt-like sound which resembles “gimme”.
        Plus it is really cold here and I could use the extra heat.

  1. The GM70 are a impressive tube, so the Shindo is a also impressive amp.
    The input stage tubes are rather small near the GM70.

    I wonder what are the input tubes??

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