Archeology of Sound

My good customer, Steve, was inspired to write me this wonderful email, after receiving in his new EMT JSD series Cartridge.  Steve is running the EMT JSD5 into the Auditorium 23 Step up Transformer, into his Shindo Masseto phono stage.  Sweet!


Wanted to give you a brief report after first listening session:

My first record was something easy, Bill Evans and Eddie Gomez, You Must
Believe in Spring.  I have listened to this record a hundred times and have
a pretty well developed and predictable emotional response to it…This record sounded totally different.  The piano and the bass seemed to have jumped out of a hole.  The
bass was far more forward and important, the piano sounded like someone took
a sock off of it.  It was like a different recording altogether.  I could
hear this space around the drums, and could feel the brushes on the snare
skin interacting with the other two instruments, not just coming out of the
background.  I was having a completey different response to this record….
It was a little scary having such a strong presence in the room….
I had the same response to the second track. When Bill hit the high keys it startled
me…  Base was solid, more than I’d heard from the Nines on any album, any CD. I was developing a whole new response to what Bill and Eddie were doing, it was more cerebral because the music seemed more complex, not the simple trio any more.

I played my Ike Quebec original blue note.  Same thing.  The sax was huge
and I could hear the air it was pushing, the guitar had jumped forward and I
couldn’t help but pay equal attention to it for the first time.  My standard
response to this record was out the door.  Again, it sounded like it had
been remastered or re-recorded.

OK.  I won’t bore you (you should listen to the ZU Denon for a month and
then put this cartridge in to experience what I’m hearing)!  I don’t know
how long this cart takes to burn in (seems like it’s getting better with
every record right now)…

Now I just have one question for you…why can’t my system sound anywhere
near this good playing a CD or SACD?  Every component seems to have come
into it’s own.  The DeVore Nines are playing big and sounding great.  And
the volume is turned up about half what it was with the Denon….


One thought on “Archeology of Sound

  1. LOL, coincidentally I also just got a JSD 5 running into an A23 SUT and I was also listening to Ike Quebec – Might as well be spring, last night. I kid you not! I noticed a lot of the things you mentioned. I also listened to The Album Leaf – In a safe place and I was so excited about the sound I couldn’t help telling all my friends how great this album was. This cartridge just makes you appreciate your albums more. Cheers

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