Vine Ripened

Just received in a fresh pair of Gibbon 3XL Monitor Loudspeakers, from DeVore Fidelity. Now available in Mahogany stained solid Bamboo.  Nice ! These speakers are exceedingly popular for folks with small to medium sized rooms.  Unlike most other monitor speakers, which require absurd amounts of power to drive them effectively, the 3XL’s are 90db @ 8Ω, making them a happy pairing with lower powered amplifiers.  Also available in natural finish Cherry and Mink Bamboo.

6 thoughts on “Vine Ripened

  1. I just came back from Montreal, from the Salon Son & Image, and I heard these speakers with a Leben phono stage, and Leben integrated amp – the whole combo was very very musical and effortless. I really enjoyed the whole presentation. If I had any complaint, I would say that they were a little bit bass shy, otherwise a really nice presentation…

    1. Hello Michael, good to hear from you. I heard the Orangutans at CES 2010 – they were quite sensational! It’s a much different speaker than the 3XL. The Orangutans work wonders in larger size rooms, where the 3XL’s weren’t designed to pressurize. Having a large 10″ woofer is quite a fun musical treat. The speakers were shown in prototype form and should be available soon. I shall make an official announcement once they come closer to shipping.

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