Brick & Mortar

I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people through the years.  Hipsters, psuedo-hipsters, freaks (in a good way), cool musicians, painters, writers, photographers, really hard working sincere dudes, extreme music junkies, visionaries, über geeks, intrigued audio forum DYI’ers, normal folks :-), as well as the few enlightened who have broke on through to the other side.  I’ve also met my share of pretentious posers, note pad toting audiophools, phonies and tiresome time absorbing tire-kickers…  Interesting mix, no?  All verbosity aside, this past January 2010, pitch perfect audio has been in business serving the audio community, full time, for 4 years.  I’ve been in the industry for  almost 4 times that amount and it’s been a fun ride thus far.

I have many enthusiastic customers, one of whom stands out is Jack Roberts, who writes for Dagogo. Jack is incredibly enthusiastic about music and it’s reproduction in the home.  Jack, who cruises into my the store every now and then, recently wrote about his visit to pitch perfect audio in one of his latest Dagogo articles.  Jack is a proud owner of a Shindo Masseto, which has been his reference for the past few years.

Read Jack Roberts article here.

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