Have a Plan?

I would like to welcome AcousticPlan to Pitch Perfect Audio!  AcousticPlan was founded in 1996 by Claus Jäckle and now joins the fine stable of products imported by Tone Imports. Pitch Perfect Audio is looking forward to demonstrating select AcousticPlan components, for your enjoyment.

We are starting off the line with the Vadi CD Player, now on display.

I’ve been wrapping my head around the sonics, build quality and aesthetics. Quite an enjoyable, tactile, experience.  Dare I say, emotional connection with digital?  Paired with a Shindo Preamp & Amp, the music tugs at you in ways I had yet to appreciate with digital playback, at this level.  Options include USB input to decode external sources, so you can transition, in an amiable way, to computer based digital sources should you desire.

Click here to explore other AcousticPlan Digital Products.

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