Worth it’s Weight

I am now taking orders for the EMT TSD15 Limited Edition phono cartridge, in textured gold paint finish, to commemorate EMT’s 70th year in business.

EMT has been producing, by the hand of the most skilled technicians, some of the finest phono cartridges and analog products for quite some time.  The technical know-how distilled into each phono cartridge reacts to the music within the groove in an unsurpassed manner.

The EMT TSD15 has always been a fine cartridge addition for your Shindo tone arm, EMT 997 tone arm and SME style mounts.  It has that elusive ability to walk the fine line of rocking hard while maintaing a light touch, a gentle side, to best showcase your favorite music.  No wonder it has been the studio standard for over 40 years.

Now, more than ever, it’s something to be treasured.  Reserve yours today or inquire for further information.

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