My Old School

Thankfully absent from your visit to pitch perfect audio will be the experience of enduring lifeless multi-room audio, 10,000 watts worth of digital amplifiers, metal dome multi-array drivers forced to live in an crylic enclosures carved by robotic CNC machines, multi-channel home theater surround setups…

What you will find, though, is the best music reproduction you may have experienced in a long while. Pure music.  Running smooth at 33 1/3rpm, 45rpm, even 78rpm. Experience fresh analog waveforms pulsating through the air, delicate phono cartridges, efficient speakers that breath life into music, stacks of vinyl, gorgeous illuminated tubes and precious, yet commanding, stereo preamps & amps.  Yep, you’ll also welcome the site of of  tube based digital to analog convertors revitalizing your favorite music.  The  aroma of NOS tubes is included free with every visit.

Love music?  I’m here for you.

So I can best serve you, I will maintain my appointment only operating hours.  Please contact me to arrange a visit. We book up many weeks in advance, so please call ahead.

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