Palo Verde

Much has been written about these green cotton sheaths, which allow oodles of of colorful electrons to flow.  The Auditorium 23 (A23) Speaker Cables are a perennial best seller at pitch perfect for the simple reason they allow your system to sound it’s best.  They sport a quality construction and provide a robust connection between your amp and speakers.  Cost wise, they are a surprisingly affordable cable solution as well.  A23 Speaker Cables, like quality interconnects, should be thought of as integral to the system, a mutually beneficial pairing with the amp & speakers, rather than something of an afterthought.  Check out these other essentials, for your consideration.

palo verde (cercidium microphyllum)

One thought on “Palo Verde

  1. When it comes to cables I find it very important to choose cables that will last the longest. Cheap cables won’t do for me because I can’t stand when cables fail when you need them the most. A good quality cable will pay off in the long run.

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