Sweet Spicy Finish

DeVore Orangutans sans veneer/cabinet finish

I know next to nothing about cigars.  I’ll have to ask John DeVore if I am correct in assuming he enjoyed rich notes of espresso and dried apricot with, perhaps, a sweet spicy finish, while listening intently to his latest refinements in the Orangutan Loudspeakers.

Demonstrated at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show to great applause, the DeVore Orangutans will be arriving at Pitch Perfect Audio once John fully releases their potential.  You can be guaranteed a superb sounding, tube friendly, easy to drive loudspeaker from John.  If what I heard at CES is any indication, they are going to be super.  Here, John relaxes to the soulful sounds of the Shindo Monbrison and Haut Brion in his studio.

Photo courtesy John DeVore.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Spicy Finish

    1. Hi Jack, Orangutans will be priced between the DeVore Nine and Silverback. In terms of their design parameters, though, they are a different breed altogether. Pricing has yet to be determined. We’ll hear from John soon, and he’ll expound on them.

    1. Hey Steve, I believe those may be NINES. They look a tad bit deeper and taller than the 8’s to my eyes. If John chimes in, we’ll find out the answer if those are indeed Super 8’s (or Nines) being tested. 🙂

    1. John – I did not realize you had one of those rare Haut Brion sitting at your place. I am now listening to the Haut Brion on Super 8s and absolutely love the combination. The Haut Brion is my favorite amp for the Super 8s.

      Any comments on the combination of HB with Orangutans?


      1. Hi Rene,
        The HB really sings on the Orangutan prototypes, in a similar way to how it works with the Super 8s, but with an increase in majesty and scale. It’s a real gem of an amp on the right speakers, and you’re right, it’s one of my favorites with Super 8s. Happy listening.

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