Customer Music System – Dean K. – San Francisco, CA

The first time Dean stopped by my shop, a few years back, he was floored by the Shindo 301 Player System, and was hooked on Shindo Labs ever since.  He has taken his time developing a system that has rewarded him with it’s sonic virtues.

Like Stephen’s cool system, in the previous post, this hifi rig also resides in a beautiful living space.  Dean’s Shindo Vosne-Romanee preamp and newly acquired Lafon GM70 amps (replacing VTL MB450’s) stand proud on the hip Room & Board Kinkaid media cabinet, flanked by Tannoy Prestige SE loudspeakers.  Source components are a VPI Turntable, AMR CD-77.1 CD Player w/USB input and Sansui TU-9900 Tuner.  Dean was inspired by my recent REL Precendent FM Tuner post and scored one for himself, recently.  A Shindo Mr T. provides the juice and Shindo Interconnects and Auditorium 23 Speaker Cable complete the musical message.

According to Dean, his next move will be a Shindo 301 Turntable and another Mr. T to further maximize performance of the mono amplifiers, and system in general.

Photos courtesy of Dean K.

9 thoughts on “Customer Music System – Dean K. – San Francisco, CA

  1. I have been trying to decide which shindo amps to add to my Vosne-romanee preamp. Please give a report on the sound of the Vosne-Gm70 combo.

    1. I absolutely love the combination but, to be honest, I didn’t compare some of the other alternatives. Much of the decision was driven by a desire to go SET but with as much power as possible. I doubt you can go wrong with any of the Shindo amps. It seems like it’s just a matter of deciding which one mates with your speakers the best.

  2. I adore the beauty and elegance of your arangement,especally i like the
    wooden furniture where your shindo gear is placed. Is this an antique piece or from a company which still produces it?


  3. OK,…sometimes it’s a good thing to read the text instead of just adoring the pictures.. :-), got it, Room&Board.


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