Customer Music System – Wayne P. – San Francisco, CA

Wayne was one of my first customers when I opened the doors in ’05, and he’s been an exuberant supporter of pitch perfect audio ever since.  Thanks Wayne. He’s a genuinely great guy, real music aficionado and voraciously buys vinyl whenever possible.  In fact,  early one morning I was perusing Grooves Records in San Francisco and there was Wayne hiding behind a stack of yet unsorted Jazz records (he pretended not to see me…kidding. 🙂 ) But, I knew.  Oh yes, I knew he was one of them.

Wayne first experienced Shindo Labs with the class defining Monbrison preamp and Cortese amp.  Once he sampled that tasty setup, he continued the journey up the line.

This particular system lives in a beautifully appointed living room within a charming home, lovingly designed by his wife Laureen, a professional Interior Designer.

A Shindo Giscours preamp, Shindo Sinhonia F2a 40wpc monoblock amplifiers, newly acquired Shindo 301 Player System & Auditorium 23 Hommage step up transformer sit atop custom cabinetry. Ample storage within allows the digital bits to roam freely. Speaking of which, Wayne is using a VRS Audio PC based music server, Lynx Digital Audio Card, J River software and Windows laptop.  Additional software support for iPod control adds functionality.  Shortly, however, Wayne may be transitioning to a Mac based setup with a USB or firewire Dac and Amarra software.  Rounding out the system is a Sim2 ceiling projector and motorized Stewart Filmscreen, for engaging movie presentations.


A precisely setup pair of DeVore Fidelity Silverback Loudspeakers, in beautiful American Walnut finish, flank his equipment.  The Silverbacks are John DeVore’s flagship loudspeaker and a step up from the popular DeVore Nine. The Silverbacks advanced design parameters, sonic agility and musical prowess is brought to the fore in this system.  They are an ideal speaker for Wayne’s aesthetic and room size.

A Shindo Mr T. provides the power and Shindo Interconnects and Auditorium 23 Speaker Cable provide the proper foundation to fully express the music.

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5 thoughts on “Customer Music System – Wayne P. – San Francisco, CA

  1. He’s a really great guy and knows good music. Last time I was in SF, we had a great time listening to Curtis Mayfield together.

  2. Thanks guys! Matt and Jonathan made it possible for me to get off the hifi “merry go round” and connect to the music. My wife is responsible for creating a beautiful space to enjoy music, movies, family and friends.

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