4 x the fun

I am very pleased to announce the NEW Shindo Corton-Charlemagne Q amplifier from Shindo Labs!

These parallel push-pull mono chassis amps boast 70 powerful watts, class A into 8Ω, using the fabulous EL34 pentode tube (quad per amp).  I would think these amps are just the ticket for certain speakers requiring the power, all the while safeguarding the virtues of Shindo’s tonal touch.

Pricing to be announced shortly.

Other Shindo amps utilizing the EL34 tube, include the popular Montrachet and the CCQ’s younger brother, the spirited Corton-Charlemagne EL34.

I’ll make sure to post some sweet photos when I have the amps on demonstration.

Photo courtesy of Shindo Labs.

5 thoughts on “4 x the fun

  1. Hi, great to see some more powerful Shindo amps. I have heard the Corton-Charlemagne 80 at my dealer in Montreal,Canada they were just wounderful!

    I know that this is just astetics but they should come back with the gold line around the face plate. I think they look more refined with it, just like the way they sound.

  2. Hi, just wondering if the new amp’s power rating is in class A? Are both the Corton-Charlemagne and Montrachet in class A operaton as well because the shindo website simply states that the Montrachet is 30 watts ultralinear.

  3. Hey Matt–

    It seems that the mind of Ken Shindo is as fertile as ever. A few questions for you: Does this mean you would consider carrying some speakers that require more juice (at least 50W or more) from an amplifier? I’m curious regarding what sorts of speakers you would see as being particularly sympatico with higher-powered Shindo amps. Also: What is the typical tube life of one of these EL 34 tubes? How does the pricing of the new Corton-Charlemagne Q compare with that of the Corton-Charlemagne and Montrachet?

    1. Hi Jon,
      Depending on the size of your listening space, even some more efficient type speakers (not necessarily talking about ‘high’ efficiency speakers) do require a bit more power to fill the room and be driven adequately. That being said, this amp is designed specifically for speakers that do require more muscle behind them.

      I personally see no need to move above the Corton-Charlemagne EL34 (20wpc amps) with the DeVore Nines, as this is a great combo, for example.

      The tubes used are run conservatively and should last years, no worries there.

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