No, not the ZZ Top song, silly (although, I do dig that as well).

Meet the Shindo Lagrange.

The very limited production Shindo Lagrange Amplifier is Ken Shindo’s hommage to the extremely rare AT 20 Triode.  How limited?  10 pairs made in the entire universe. Boasting 10 watts per mono amplifier (one amp shown), this exclusive low power push-pull amp may be just the ticket for those high sensitivity speakers you may be eyeing.

Drop dead gorgeous in person, it’s a hand made jewel to cherish… forever.  Imagine two of them on your shelf, communicating the very essence of the music you covet.

Inquire for further information.

7 thoughts on “Lagrange…

  1. Hi Matt,

    Am I missing something ?
    “How limited? 10 pairs made in the entire universe” …

    There are great tubes out there, and some that last a really long time; nothing is forever, though, and most of us aren’t using power tubes for over 3 or 4 years … What happens if you are the unlucky Mister-Eleventh-In-Line at retube time ?

    My best guess is that there’s some At20 equivalent, that’s in current production… uhm, yes ?

    Thanks / happy holidays

    1. Hi J.D.,

      Glad you brought up the valid question-

      Shindo-San keeps many (many) more tubes in stock than the production run indicates. Back-ups for lucky customers are easily obtainable. This goes for all of Shindo’s products, not just at the upper echelon of the Shindo lineup.

      Take care,

  2. Hi Matthew, you guys in the USA really should be happy that such a dream of an amp is available… In Europe they are not since a couple of years due to stupid authority´s regulations. Really fantastic amp! Kind regards, Carsten

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