Long Play

Did you know the EMT TSD15 phono cartridges have been in continuous production for over four decades? Quality certainly stands the test of time.

Like all EMT cartridges, the TSD15 is available in a variety of mounting configurations, which one is right for your turntable will depend on the tonearm length and design. Output voltage is 1mv ~ making it a fine partner for most quality step up transformers, such as A23.

Shown in 1/2″ style above, mounted on the superb Well Tempered Amadeus Turntable. This mounting configuration is suitable for most tonearms such as Well Tempered, Rega, Tri-Planar, Graham, VPI, (etc), or on tonearms with ‘bayonet mount’, with the use of a headshell..

“A” Style – a short headshell designed for 12″ tonearms..

“G” Style – a longer headshell for most SME, Ikeda, Fidelity Research, just to name a few..

Stylus shapes are available in traditional conical or super fine-line.

Additionally, a low impedance/lower output(.3mv) version is available.

A” Style EMT cartridge example here.

Sonics are renowned.  Dynamic, bold, effortless and true to the recorded music.  Yes, there are numerous cartridge options at the EMT price point, but you owe it to yourself to hear an EMT cartridge to rediscover your favorite music.

Pricing varies depending on exact model, please inquire.

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