Series of Dreams

Hi guys, just got back from Las Vegas CES 2011, road trip style.

The new DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 Loudspeaker sounded fantastic!  The first model to become available in the Orangutan series, the O/96, will retail for $12k per pair.

Looking toward the future, the 0/96 will eventually become the middle speaker in the growing Orangutan series of speakers, as the title to this post would imply.

As the name would indicate, sensitivity is 96db/10Ω impedance making them a comfy fit with low powered tube amplification.  Also, frequency bandwidth is stated at 25Hz-31kHz for this new two-way design.

Hand polished lacquer showcases the depth of the beautiful Lace Walnut (front baffle) and Anthracite stained Maple finish.  Appreciated more in person, the dark athracite finish accentuates the subtle grain of the stained maple wood.  DeVore’s compact wood stands complete the smart tailoring.

click to enlarge

The Orangutan series of speakers will cohabit within the current DeVore lineup of the Gibbon and Silverback speakers.

The sound is present, incredibly coherent and holograpic.  A deliciously palpable and textural quality envelopes you, thanks in part to the custom 10″ paper woofer and careful crossover integration with the 1″ silk dome tweeter.  This, coupled with the unique way in which a wide front baffle throws the sound, creates an immersive sonic experience, with much presence.  Using even low powered tube electronics, you will be rewarded with a natural and startlingly lifelike presentation.

All of pitch perfect audio’s electronic offerings are a natural mate to the O/96’s.

At CES, the speakers were paired with the Leben CS-600 Integrated, Leben RS-30EQ Phono Preamp, Dual Well Tempered Amadeus Turntables, EMT TSD15 Cartridge, EMT XOD65 Cartridge for spinning 78’s, A23 Step Up Transformer, A23 Interconnects & Speaker Wire, and AcousticPlan Digimaster & Drivemaster combo. Details, shortly, on these cool digital gems I will also be displaying.

Sturdily supported by the BOX Furniture Double Width 3 Shelf, it was a handsome display indeed.

I first had the priviledge to enjoy the nearly finished Orangutan O/96 speakers, at a DeVore factory ‘Monkeyhaus’ event, in New York.

I’ve personally always enjoyed seeing the lineage of product conception through finish.  Suffice to say, it was a treat to finally hear the finished product at CES.

Great job, John.

5 thoughts on “Series of Dreams

  1. Thank you for the writeup and pics, well done. Will be very curious to see how these perform compared to the specs – high sensitivity speakers as a general proposition measure well below specification. Then again, I have no reason to doubt Mr. DeVore, who has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to make great speakers.

  2. Hi Matt,
    do you have any more info on the other speakers in the orangutan series , especially cost and sensitivity , and available wood options ?

    1. Hi Tom, not yet. John is concentrating on the O/96 at the moment. John is open to other wood options for the 0/96. If you have a particular front baffle finish in mind he can, most likely, accommodate you.

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