Hi guys.  It has been an incredibly busy month so I haven’t had the time to craft any new posts lately.  There are almost 120 posts for you to peruse, so that should keep new visitors busy (welcome, friends, from far and wide!)

I’ve been steadily approaching the apex of my journey with pitch perfect audio as far as it relates to one person (me) being able to handle it all – yet I’m too stubborn (or able) to hire anyone to help me.  Like most small business owners I’m not unique in this sense, many of us end doing the work of a dozen people.  Growing pains, I guess.  Please have patience when emailing, especially long emails.  I’m just swamped maintaining an equilibrium within all aspects of the business.

To be brutally honest, before emailing me asking for my thoughts on how your solid-state integrated amp from 1977 (with tweaks, man) will sound compared to a Leben CS600 or Shindo Apetite or how your stacked Advents (with rad crossover mods) on plastic milk crates will compare to Devore Silverbacks, well, please think twice :-).

Humor aside, I’m always happy to receive emails about anything on your mind, but listening at my store is the final sonic arbiter and where one on one personal service is key to a great hifi.

My goal has always been to maintain knowledgeable demonstrations of the best music systems, genuine customer service, after sales followup – and all the important bits in between.

I know everyone digs the photos and site in general, a big thank you for your kind words.

Some very some incredible products will be brought in within the coming weeks and months at pitch perfect, stay tuned!

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