You Got Soul

I posted this video for your enjoyment.  Just a little exploration on my part to see where this takes me – and if I get positive feedback from it.  I’ll play various audio setups throughout this process.  This is not meant to be an audiophile demonstration, but more of a taste of pitch perfect in your home, wherever you may be.

These will be fun videos to augment my still photography on this site.

I’m playing the entire first side of The Impressions Greatest Hits, an original mono vinyl pressing (ABC-Paramount 1965). HiFi System is comprised of Shindo 301 Player Player System, Giscours Preamplifier, Lafon GM70 Amplifiers, LignoLab Pneumatic Support, Box Furniture Amp Stands, Auditorium 23 Speaker Wire, Shindo Interconnects, a couple of Mr. T’s, and a pair of Latour Loudspeakers.  Enjoy the tunes…

Really, there is nothing to see, per se, as the image is static for an entire album side.  I may get fancier with editing at some point.  Although, if you have a good display on your laptop or desktop rig, set the image to HD mode and enlarge it, so you feel like you are at the store.  For best sonic results, attach your pc to an outboard dac and wire it up to your audio rig, or listen through headphones on your computer.  Do not listen out of your laptop speakers, as it will sound mediocre.  Anyway, click play and enjoy an album side.

Limitations of recording equipment and compression, etc, will be present.  The goodness of the music should shine through, though.  I did record in HD video but will try better microphones at some point soon.  I’m testing the waters here, in other words.  Enjoy!

Any requests?  Sinatra?  Sigur Rós?  Pharoah Sanders?  Perhaps some awesome and tasty Indian Tabla & Sitar next.. my favorite…

[Tracks in order: Gypsy woman, Talking about my baby, I’m so proud, Keep on pushing, Never let me go, It’s all right]

14 thoughts on “You Got Soul

  1. Cool stuff Matt. I’d like to request some Roland Kirk like
    Rip Rig and Panic or early Rolling Stones ie Aftermath or Out of Our
    Heads. Thanks.

  2. Was reading a book about the influences on early Reggae and Curtis M + Impressions kept coming up again and again. If you think about it, there is some ‘rock steady / lovers rock’ vibe in this music. Apparently the stations in Louisiana could be picked up in Kingston late at night, so lots of americana in that rub-a-dub style.

    Question, are you siting the Latours on tatami-mat, er, Matt ? Probably great for first reflections, but what of stability.. maybe they’re spiked.
    Anyway, beautiful room, beautiful music, irie. J.D.

    1. Hey J.D,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, Impressions were definitely influential on Reggae. The wiki link actually presents a nice bit of information on the group. Something transcendental in listening to, and being influenced by, radio, late at night, isn’t there? I’m sure, back in the day, the sounds percolating over the air waves were an ear opening experience.

      Re: Latours: They are sitting on birch ply – Setting most speakers on wood improves sonics on many levels.

    1. Thanks Jack – Well, I just have one showroom location at the moment, and that’s in San Francisco… Thankfully it keeps me busy enough with one location, but, we’ll see what the future brings?

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I have a question though. Who makes the shelving that is housing the LPs in the back? Currently on the prowl for the proper LP storage solution, and I don’t care for Ikea, Boltz or Billy Bags.


    1. Hi Atane, Glad you enjoyed it.

      Regarding the shelving, those are from West Elm. I believe they still manufacturer them.. They are actually marketed as bookshelves, I believe, but I found them to work very well for LP’s ! Check ’em out on their website.

      1. Excellent Matt. There are several West Elm stores here in NYC. Will check them out. Thank you.

        Might I just say that I love this blog. Lovely pictures and just a love for good music. All good vibes here. I visit the site all the time just to look at the pictures. Love it.


  4. Ah, the Impressions. Must be my all time favorite group. I’m in heaven.

    Interesting discussion about the influence of the Impressions on reggae. While Curtis, Jerry Butler and so many of the guys were originally Chicago, the drummer on these records is from New Orleans. That’s interesting about the Louisiana radio stations being accessible in Kingston. But yes, that’s a New Orleans drummer with Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions on all these albums.


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