Took some time out today to plant a few succulents, for display around the house.  Their purposeful colors are tasty and they portray a relaxing vibe – to my eyes anyway.  The pair to the left is sitting pretty in a vintage bake king tin.

What made this activity all the more enjoyable, I was listening to a customers new Montrachet. I had promised I would personally cook it a bit, for a few days, in my home system.  Until, of course, he can pick it up at the shop. Though, not sure I want to relinquish it just yet. 🙂 It’s sounding sweet!  It will be the centerpiece of his new hifi rig, for sure..

Montrachet sits a level above the Montille and touches the heels of the Haut-Brion, in the lineage of the Shindo push-pull amplifier lineup.

10 thoughts on “Centerpiece

  1. You have some artistic talents. The composition and bokeh in your photographs are nicely done. I find myself coming back again and again just to view the photos.

    What camera / lens combo did you use to take the shots?

    (I also have a few succulents, they are neat little plants.)

    1. Hi Tommy, Thanks for the kind words.

      In terms of cameras, I use a Nikon D700 exclusively. It’s an incredible camera, and wonderful to use. It’s been used since ‘day 1’on this website. The opening page for example, is a nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens. It’s a super lens. I use a variety, but lately (the last 2-3 posts) have been using the extraordinary manual focus Zeiss 50mm f2 Makro ZF.2 lens for Nikon mount. I’ve been turned onto the Zeiss lenses lately, and they simply make the best lenses available. Super sharp, with rich color and smooth bokeh. It’s basically my defacto lens now. I may explore the new Zeiss 35 f1.4 when that is available as well. Some people may shun the manual focus – but it *will* make you a better photographer using manual focus, which causes you to slow down and focus on composition.

      Much more important than the gear, though, is lighting and composition, which help to draw you into a photo.

      1. I agree lighting is one of the most important ingredients into a good photo. I’m using the Fuji S5Pro and Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8. Very nice combo. I need to practice more on composition and lighting techniques. Might even try some manual focus later on.

        Didn’t mean to go off topic.

        1. Oh, no, my pleasure, always happy to discuss all things encompassing art/music/photography,etc.

          The problem with most auto-focus lenses, is their manual focus ring is not damped enough. This prevents subtle movement in fine tuning the focus ring.

          You have a great lens there- the 24-70 @ 50mm is basically as good as the nikon 50mm prime lens.

  2. Beautiful. One must question, though, if there’s a message in your “succulents” coloring to be gleaned here, since the Shindo’s also have a similar coloring… Green!

    Hope all is well, Matt.


  3. Really nice website, great concept, congratulations! You really must be happy having the chance to hear/deal with Shindo especially. Due to stupid regulations (RoHS) made by European politicians we do not have Shindo Laboratory available in Europe any longer, since 2006 I guess…

    Kind regards,
    Carsten/2A3 Maniac

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