Fresh Squeezed

Every so often I have special opportunities for you to be able to squeeze a bit more out of your dollar.  I’m happy to provide you with another one…

From today until May 31st I will include free, with every new Leben CS-600 Integrated Amplifier purchase, a quad set of excellent New Old Stock(NOS) Siemens EL34 tubes.  These are really fine vintage EL34 tubes and sure to be a treat in your new Leben Amp. This is a $250 value.

Did you know the CS-600 just received a Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component Class-A rating in their April issue?  I’m not surprised, of course, as the Leben CS-600 sets the standard for higher powered integrated amplifiers.  The legion of customers who already enjoy it know, first hand, of it’s capabilities.  Come in for a listen and see for yourself.

Offers ends May 31st, 2011.

Please note:  This offer is only available if you visit my store or are within my authorized dealer territory.

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