Epic Journey

Tom S. from San Francisco recently acquired a Shindo Masseto and Cortese, and had this to say as he wired his new green goodies into his system, using Auditorum 23 speaker wire and Shindo interconnects.

”  Matt-   It.  Is.   Epic.  “

Succinct and to the point.  I like that.

He goes on to say-

“Sounds super tasty w/ the Masseto & 604s. Blown away by the system, even with digital, even in [simple diy open speaker] baffles.”

Tom is on the path to righteousness.

Thanks for the gift as well, Tom!  Talk about tasty.

Photo, right, courtesy Tom S

2 thoughts on “Epic Journey

  1. Congratulations, it looks great. I should be getting mine in a few days – adding to my collection that already includes a Montille and Auriges-L.


  2. Alberto,

    Congrats on your purchase. Looking forward to readimg your impressions and review.

    Good Listening,


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