Gold Rush

Homeward bound through Santa Fe

Just got back from a few road trips, including a beautiful interstate California/Arizona ride, ending in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my customer Stephen D. lives and works. Stephen enjoys an incredible music making system and has been quoted a few times on this website, regarding his audio journey.

I couldn’t pass through Arizona without experiencing, for myself, the Grand Canyon.  I arrived there early, before tourists, and savored the visual awe and deafening silence.  An experience I will not soon forget.

Sounds of silence

I’ve been putting serious mileage on my incredibly reliable and robust pitchperfectmobile™ (Volkswagen Sportwagen TDI), thanks to some of you guys.   I appreciate it.


Most recently, Stephen moved up to the Shindo Giscours and Shindo Lafon GM70 amps. The music in Stephen’s room, produced by the Shindo Petite Latoursis stunning, to say the least.  During this trip, I installed a Shindo 301 Player System and A23 Hommage step up transformer.  Thought you would like to see a few photos, of this recently shipped beauty from Japan.

” Yes, the 301 Shindo has looks and sound I’m finding quite addictive—truly the single most amazing piece of gear I’ve encountered, as many have said before me.  I haven’t touched digital since you left. “Sounds more human” isthe audiophile term you justly used. ” 

Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy, Stephen!

Photos of 301 courtesy Stephen D.

4 thoughts on “Gold Rush

  1. How do you know Kieran wasn’t referring to the photo of the 301 player! There’s glory in both.

    BTW if Matt ever comes to your house to set up gear, make sure you have plenty of snacks available. He won’t touch them but you’re going to get hungry watching him go through hours of painstaking set up and tweaking. Great pleasure to listen to music with the maestro.

    As we say in Santa Fe, “Viva La Fiesta Shindo!”


    1. “How do you know Kieran wasn’t referring to the photo of the 301 player! There’s glory in both.”

      Hehe.. yes, you are correct. 😉

      Hey Steve, thanks for the kind words regarding set up. Yeah, I tend to simply concentrate on the task at hand.. Food would slow me down! 🙂

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