Return to Innocence

Weapon of mass destruction?  um.. No.

Woodchipper?  Eh? No.

A music making ‘goosebump producer?’  Why, Y e s ! 

Introducing the Line Magnetic Audio Western Electric 22A Horn Loudspeaker and LM Audio W.E.555W field coil compression driver.

A Tungar bulb field coil power supply,  allows the magic to take place.

We are proud to announce LM Audio’s US debut at pitch perfect audio.

Much more information soon, regarding these incredible products, which will be a natural pairing with products we represent.

Tungar bulb field coil supply.  C o o l !

6 thoughts on “Return to Innocence

  1. These look interesting. Can you provide any more info about them?
    Any chance they will be a more affordable alternative to Shindo’s own speakers?

  2. Matt,

    as we have here in Germany, I’m sure you will quickly have a lot of friends for this
    outstanding and fascinating speakers from LM-Audio. The idea and design are nearly 80 years old, but so timeless in sound qualitiy and musical message that people with open mind and open ears will be astounded. We whish you the same pleasure with the LM 555/22 A combination as we have.


    Keith Aschenbrenner
    Auditorium 23

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