Listen up!

Small sampling of the sweet EMT cartridges available

Check out the May 2011 issue of Stereophile Magazine for Art Dudley’s lucid observations (in his Listening column) pertaining to analog goodies – including the EMT TSD15 phono cartridge (always grateful to see my photos used and published in Stereophile, btw).

The TSD15 is a classic, originally introduced in 1965, and is still hand made today, one at a time.

Click on this post and this post for further EMT info.

I use zinio occasionally to download electronic magazine issues, though I still much prefer thumbing through magazines in paper form.

4 thoughts on “Listen up!

  1. Matt first off – what a superb photograph of these cartridges!
    Second, sometimes I see these EMT 15s on normal tonearms, like a Well Tempered. Is that an out of the box version of the cartridge or somehow has it been removed from the head shell?

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thanks for the kind words.

      Yes, click on the links in the post or click here for photo/info regarding the TSD in the 1/2″ mount. This is one of the 3 stock configurations for the TSD15, available through me. You can buy it in 1/2″ ‘nude’ mount, “A” mount or “G” mount. Works *incredible* on the Well Tempered table, btw !

  2. Loved AD’s article. TSD-15 is a classic, and in a sense, still unrivaled. Think of how many modern cartridges literally lift the TSD’s engine to fashion their carts… the Roksan Shiraz, carts from Brinkmann & Einstein, et al.

    I have an example of Thorens MCH II, which is Thorens’s version of TSD. Virtually identical except for softer suspension & a slightly lower output… has a sweeter midrange & a bit riper sounding…

    And no better way to get the most out of your monos & 78s than w/ the OFD/OFSs!

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