Family Traits

Inspired by the sonic qualities and traits of the renowned and rare Western Electric 755A full range driver  (a 8″ alnico magnet based speaker designed after World War II) and building upon their virtues with field coil topology, the LM Audio 755EX (94db/8Ω) speaker can now be enjoyed at pitch perfect audio.

You no longer need to be a deep pocket Western Electric audio collector to enjoy the incredible engineering and sonic qualities Western Electric products were capable of. Designed by LM Audio, their catalog of products are true reproductions (and unique original designs) able to extract the qualities of the original components back to life.

As you know, I am extremely particular about the products I represent at pitch perfect audio. Therefore, I am ecstatic to report on LM Audio’s incredible performance – enough so, to add them to my product lineup.

LM Audio has a long history of repairing and rebuilding vintage Western Electric gear.  These replicas are available at a mere fraction of the cost of originals.  Even more significant, LM Audio has improved upon their ancestors due to modern manufacturing techniques and the serviceability of these current production products.

The compact PR-3 mono 300B tube field coil supplies, one required per driver, feed the necessary voltages the 755EX driver needs for audio operation.  Very cool indeed!  A 755EX could be installed in a simple open baffle design or sealed cabinet, for example.

Did I mentioned the drivers are hammertone paint finish, like the originals?  This alone automatically makes them cool.

Yes, drivers and power supplies are available for individual purchase, if you wanted to craft your own cabinet.  Speaking of which, there are numerous cabinet designs available to bring out the best in this particular driver.

Pitch perfect audio will have a cabinet solution shortly, as well.

PR-3 300B, 200 Volt Power Supply For 755EX

In Addition to the PR-3 and 775EX, above, the LM Audio 22A Horn Loudspeaker and 555W Field Coil Compression Driver form the foundation of larger horn based hifi installations.  The 22A Horn comes complete with adjustable stand for installation flexibility.  Also included are mounting adapters for various drivers, including JBL 375, Altec 288, RCA 1428, to name a few.  Most installations will benefit from the renowned WE555W, the standard by which all others are judged.

Please inquire for pricing of these outstanding new additions, now on demonstration.

LM Audio 555W Field Coil Compression Driver mounted on 22A Horn.

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