Reflections Redux

Shindo's Canvas

I wanted to take a moment to revisit my original post, about the Monbrison preamp, considering a few recent hifi systems have been built around this fabulous preamp lately.

My good customer Alberto, from Mountain View, California had reflected on his time with his Shindo Monbrison and Cortese.

Similar to my customer Tom S.,  Alberto is on the path.

Alberto writes, ” Thanks again for helping me put together such a killer system.  You have no idea how much I am enjoying it everyday – actually you are probably one of the few people who does.  More importantly, thank you for your help in assembling a system that has surpassed all my expectations for how good my music and my room could sound.  I am 100% happy with it.  The sound is deliciously addictive…. and I’d rather listen than write about listening.

I assume you communicate with Mr. Shindo on occasion.  If that’s the case please tell him that I am immensely grateful to him for creating such wonderful music-making gear, and that I think of him every time I turn my system on!  Alberto 

Additionally, Serge B. has this to say about his newly acquired Monbrison and Cortese combo.  Did I mention this was a popular combination?

Hi Matt, The Shindo gear has arrived and it seems to have survived the trip intact. I set it up and gave it a listen after the tubes warmed up.  What can I say, I now know what the fuss is all about with Shindo gear.  Harmonic richness, tonal saturation, full bodied and meat on the bones presentation is what I love and Shindo excels in these areas.  Imaging and soundstage is superb. 

The Cortese/Monbrison combo floats images in such a palpable and three dimensional way that walls in the room disappear and are replaced by the recording space.  Real, analog, wet, full, round, textured bass!  Nice!  But more importantly, the Shindo combo draws you into the music so much deeper…  I’ve been into this hobby for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of owning quite a few very respected and often quite expensive brands.  Nothing has come this close to completely capturing my attention and allowed me to take in the essence of music buried deep in the groves of a vinyl record with such ease.  Heck, even my tubed CD sounds so much better through Shindo. 🙂  Thank you for the flawless transaction and connecting me with real music making little green boxes.  Back to listening.  I can see already I will be spending much more time in my audio room from now on.  Serge “

Wow, a lot of feedback lately from my customers.  Thanks guys!

4 thoughts on “Reflections Redux

  1. Matt,

    Wonderful pix!! Sounds like Alberto is in audio bliss and congrats to Serge on a beautiful audio system.

    It’s all about the music,


  2. Hard moments in life make us turn towards genuine things and friends. Classical music is certainly a good way to elevate you and zoom out about your life. Thanks to my Monbrisson, I can dig deep into music to see the real essence of it. So that I can get trought these hard moments that I got to live now. Enjoy your music!

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