Phone Home

Got ‘phones?  The compact CS-300XS is a giant of a headphone amp.  Besides providing 15wpc of robust power for efficient loudspeakers, the CS-300 series, like it’s bigger brother, the CS-600, does double duty as a beautiful sounding headphone amp. For those seeking the feature set of the CS-300 series there is nothing out there quite like it, for it’s price.  The Leben amps work particularly well with the DeVore series, such as the DeVore 3XL, Super 8’s and Nines.  

A +3 & +5db bass boost, tape loop, speaker switch (for headphone listening), variable impedance (4/6/8Ω) speaker output and 5 line level inputs,  provide optimal flexibility for those that require it.  High bandwidth output transformers and quality circuit components provide the finishing touches in this little jewel of an amp.

Emotional sound

My customer John S, from California, emailed me recently about his newly acquired CS-300XS:

” Matt:  I just wanted to let you know that the Leben arrived last week, and I have been enjoying it very much this weekend.  My LCD-2s [headphones] have never sounded this good, and I have been re-discovering my favorite albums. Every headphone sounds wonderful with the Leben (HD800s and Beyer T1s also sound great), but I am particularly enjoying the LCD2s.  Absolutely wonderful-thank you! Best, John “

Thanks for the feedback, John!

One thought on “Phone Home

  1. Matt,

    WOW! What a beautiful piece of equipment that is so versatile and musical. Love the pix and vinyl in the background.

    Good Listening,


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