It Takes Two to Tango

Dig it: Tasty vintage output transformers, dual volume controls, tube regulated power supply, best quality new old stock parts paired to custom modern component and, of course, Shindo’s all important circuit design – all wrapped up nice and tidy within a vintage Shindo chassis.

The limited edition Allegro preamp is available for those who are seeking a Shindo preamp with a, um, dual personality.

Due to the limited nature of this production, only 8 new Allegros are being hand wired and built.  Like all shindo preamps, a moving magnet phono input and built in custom moving coil step up transformers for low output MC cartridges complete the package.

In the lineage of Shindo preamplifier models,  the Allegro sits above the incredible Monbrison, but looks up to the Masseto.

It’s design, though, guarantees a unique product in the preamp line.

But, not for long….

Please inquire for pricing and availability.

10 thoughts on “It Takes Two to Tango

  1. +1 on the beautiful photos. It should sell in no time.

    Matt, is there another version of the Allegro? I Googled “Shindo allegro” and found something different.

    1. Hi Tommy,
      They are all current production units – in other words, hand built and wired, like current preamps – but due to the nature of just having 8 of the vintage chassis he uses, makes them limited production.

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